A downloadable game for Windows

Johnny Pompadouri is currently in development and this demo is a work in progress. As such, not everything may work perfectly or reflect the final product. Feel free to leave feedback,  but mostly, just enjoy it!

Come along, boys and ghouls, on a fun, wacky, and spooky adventure!

Johnny Pompadouri was just a regular guy, with a really boss hairdo. One day, he accidentally read aloud an evil incantation, which turned his town into a nightmarish world filled with zombies and monsters.

Spooky, though it may be, Johnny is not the type of cat to cower in the corner, so help him get back home to his ma by running and jumping your way through a dark and eerie landscape. Many monsters will try to hinder your journey, but don't fret, you'll find plenty of objects to hurl at them along the way.

Install instructions

To play the demo, simply unzip the contents of the download into a folder of your choosing and run JohnnyPompadouri.exe


Johnny Pompadouri Alpha Demo 65 MB


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Nice for an alpha demo!  What engine are you using to program it?


Thanks! Going with GameMaker Studio 2 for this one. :)