The evil Draillibs are invading and only you can stop them!

The rules are simple. Everything you know about playing pool: Think the opposite.

Hurl yourself at your enemies to defeat them, and use the bases (pockets) to recover your health. However, if you accidentally bump the enemy into one of the bases, that base is lost forever.

There are three different variations of the game:

Elimination Mode - Your goal is simple: Destroy all enemies.

Beat The Clock - Destroy all enemies within a time limit.

Capture The Bases - The game isn't over until every base has either been captured or destroyed by the enemy.


Right/Left Arrow Keys - to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise.

Up - Hold to charge. Release to launch yourself.

Down - Hold to decelerate

This game was developed for TO Jam 2018, where the theme was "Winning is for losers". As such, my idea was to take the rules of a well established game and reverse them, so that in order to achieve victory, your goal has to be to do the opposite of what you'd normally want to do when playing pool.

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