You are a member of the Space Airforce, and a pilot of the new, experimental B33 combat space craft. Sent to investigate a radar anomaly in the stratosphere, you discover that your planet is being invaded by an army of Insectoid aliens. There is no backup. Can you thwart this invading force?

Insectoid Incursion was a side project developed over the course of 3 weeks.

The game's design was inspired by classic shooters of the early arcade era, and as such, this game is meant to be enjoyed in a single sitting.

There are 3 levels, and depending on how many enemies you manage to destroy, 3 possible endings.

You can use your arrow keys to move, and the Z key to fire/confirm. This game is also be compatible with most gamepads, but the mapping of the fire button depends on the controller.

Have fun!

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