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If you've worked in GameMaker studio, and you've used a lot of invisible objects (e.g. particle emitters, light renderers, input objects, etc.), then you know that GMS's default question mark icons can get a bit confusing, especially when they add up.

I created this set of simple 16x16 gizmos to help mitigate that. The set contains 6 icons and one generic diamond gizmo, and comes in 4 colour varieties.

Hopefully it'll make your map and resource trees more readable and your game development journey a little bit smoother.

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simple_gizmos.zip 7 kB

Install instructions

Just import them into your game engine as sprites and assign them to any invisible objects you wish.

(Remember to turn their visibility off so they aren't actually seen when your game is running.)


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Awesome gizmos collection, always come back to download and use again!

Thank you so much!!